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Augmented Reality Research Projects

Voice-controlled Augmented Reality

In this prototype, I incorporated a voice-controlled system with an augmented reality application. Using voice commands, the player can control the avatar in the AR experience. 

Markerless- AR (Space shooter game on Elon Campus)

This is a markerless AR game and was developed as part of my CSC 435 game programming course at Elon University. Once the game starts the player's AR experience will show a spaceship's cockpit. In this game, players can aim and shoot the spaceships and missiles that are flying towards them.

Marker-based devil Shooter Game

This game is much similar to the markerless space shooter game. But in this prototype, the game completely depends upon a physical marker in the world. I used a book as a marker for the AR game. Once the game starts, the player needs to scan for the book and if the AR camera detects the book then the game would load up and a  devil would spawn and wander in the world. The player needs to use the reticle from the game view and shoot the devil. 
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