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Top 5 Reasons to play Farcry 5

I am going share my top five reasons to play this awesome game. Recently, I just completed my entire game play of this awesome game!

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Anyways am not going to disclose the story for the people who haven't played the game yet. But, still I have some good points to share with you to instigate your anticipations about the game. So let's get started and here we go!

1. Location and Graphics

I feel that the fictional zone (Hope County) of game world is definitely a great improvisation compared to the previous versions of Farcry series. The theme of this game play happens in an abandoned valley in a fictional state called Hope County and most of the elements seem to replicate the streets and towns of the United States. So you will definitely have a great scope to explore the game world and tasks associated with it.

Check the trailer here

2. Uncovered Map

Unlike the previous versions of Farcry series, you don't have to ridiculously climb all radio towers to unveil the map. In this series the map is open as such and it just clears off the fog for the places that you visit. Mostly, I felt that you are open to any task at the start and it's up to you to get along with the game play.

3. Redefined "Guns for Hire"

The "Guns for Hire" from Farcry 4 has been absolutely revamped in Farcry 5, where you get chance to interact with characters in game world or to complete certain mission to recruit various characters to play on your side to combat the baddies. Indeed, you have got a wide range of choices like snipers, hunters, and mountain lion to play on your side. Trust me , you along with these characters will be a deadly combo to threaten the enemies within the game.

4. Character Customization

Finally, the Farcry series had upgraded their game play settings to customize the protagonist character with various options such as: skin color, hairstyle, costumes and lot more. This is definitely a great upgrade as we (players) have control on our character looks. However , it doesn't matter much in a FPS :P , still it's something to look for.

5. Way point travel with visual marker on Game

When you set a way point marker on your map, you will have a cool animation on the game that points toward your destination. Little less chance to get lost and this is a cool feature as you don't have to peek into your tiny way point map on your scene to track your directions.

These are some of the top picks that I would recommend to look in this game. I hope you have a great game play! . Thanks for reading my post!

I have attached the links below to purchase this game for various console versions

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