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Serious Games for green and safe driving - in association with the TEAM project(European Union Research project  EU-FP7)

The use of Serious Games in various sectors had shown massive improvements in user behavior in training and learning activities. Why not exploit such a kind of potential to motivate road users?

Field test videos of serious games application 

The serious games application was tested in public buses in Genoa, Italy. Several tests were organized around Genoa and Turin to gather results from the real-world. 

Real-time games for instantaneous evaluation of driver performance

The real-time games provide an immediate feedback on the performance , so it has an effect on the future actions of the users. When considering the games in automotive sector, the gameplay should provide a trade-off between active and passive factors of immersion. 

Passive serious game logic for improving driver performance 

The significant aspect of serious games is the feedback mechanism, and this aspect promotes a causal understanding of the situation and provides a scope for learning from the setbacks.  

Serious games for public transport optimization module - Association with ICCS, Greece

This reasearch activity was part of my Ph.D., where I collaborated with officials of ICCS , Greece in integrating the Serious Games application to public transport optimization module developed their research team in Greece. 

Human-Robot Interaction

The abilities of robots to take part in society with humans is increasing every day and this increase has led to the deployment of robots for several tasks. Notably, the robot janitors, robot tutors, and finally the entertainment robots are in place to assist humans. I carried out a research on developing a behavioral module for the robot during my Masters degree and the details of my research is listed in this section.  


Game Development Projects

Checkout my development activities in games research in this section. I've included the results of my game programming projects that specifically target on game artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 

Game Analytics and Player Behavior Modeling

Assessment of player performance and modifying the game mechanics are key elements in yielding better design aspects for a game. However, in the existing research context, there are several technologies for developing games, but there is a lack of tools for analyzing the player experience and game mechanics. That's exactly where games user research comes in handy! 

Check out my research in Games user Research domain in this section.


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